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CassieOur morning walkPollux (crossed rainbow bridge at the age of 17)Jules
Joey (crossed rainbow bridge at the age of 19) Cassie, and Oliver playing with Sasha at the parkBondCassie & Joey
Stewie, the Westie Rock StarAbby says she is tired after her play in the snowBaci is a sweet, shy little guy who loves to have his belly rubbed and a treat after his lunch time walkMiss Emma and Sweet Abby
 Abby And Cassie want to see how many toys fit in the crate with themLamont is happy to be in Canada, with is new mom and dad, after his trip from KoreaCuddle BuddiesDid you say Squirrel
Best Freinds"Treat Time"Emma & her MomBoshi & his Mom
Sisterly loveMiss Chewy & Sir OliverMiss Macy all snuggled in her bedChewy sun bathing
Nap TimeThe best things some times come in pairs