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Best doggy daycare in town! Small, personal touch! Not just an indoor playdate like so many. A day here included several walks outside in the fresh air for your dog! 
 -Sonja from Monte Cristo Travels 

"My Scottish Terrier Emma LOVES going to visit Barbara & Cassie. I love that I can leave her there and know that she is well cared for and is having a great time while I am away. She is not in a kennel but a second home.
S Snell

"It gives me peace of mind to know that when Meli goes to My Little White Dog she will get individual attention and care. She loves Barbara and playing with the other dogs there! I also really appreciate the convenient downtown location of My Little White Dog. I've recommended My Little White Dog to many dog owners in Ottawa and will continue to do so

"Stewie is always excited to see Barbara & the gang, and I am at ease knowing he is in good care"
-Ruth York

An excellent doggy daycare located in the downtown Ottawa area. Rain or shine the dogs go for long walks every day. It is a small daycare where each dog is able to get personal attention. The owner is involved in the dog rescue community and is also a foster.
-Sarah Toop

I was hesitant to leave our dog with a sitter since it was the first time in 14 years that Ceilidh would be without a family member to care for her.  Barb, on the other hand, did not  hesitate for a moment and took Ceilidh in for a 3-night stay that first time.  Barb has an innate sense of a dog’s personality and it appeared to be instant bonding.  From that time on, Ceilidh recognizes Cassie and Barb when we meet in the park and approaches them with enthusiasm, tail-wagging love and due respect.  Barb pampered Ceilidh’s odd eating habits and made certain that the daily walks included lots of play time with a Frisbee or a ball.  In the past year, I’ve asked Barb to take care of Ceilidh several times for 3 or 4 overnight stays for I know that Ceilidh is lovingly cared for; in fact, Ceilidh gets more outdoor exercise when she’s with Barb and Cassie than with me.
Joanne Steadman, Ottawa.

Barb I just wanted to thank you for all the good work that you have done with Sasha.  I must give you a big part of the credit in the way she has turned out. She can't wait to get to your place every morning and it is obvious to me in the way that she comes for hugs and reassurance as to how very good you are to her.  As you know she is very fragile and takes things very seriously. The fact that Cassie is her best friend is a  bonus.
Thanks again for your patient, love and caring.
Bill McLean

Barbara and Cassie have been such a blessing to me and my little dachshund, Odie.   All pet owners, at some time, are faced with the decision of what to do with their loving pets when they plan a trip, or have to be away from them for some other reason. Since finding Barbara and Cassie, that decision has become a pleasant and easy one for both Odie and myself.  Barbara provides a very loving, caring and safe environment for all her visitors.  Her main focus is always the dogs she is caring for. They are always happy during their stay and enjoy all the loving attention she gives to each and every one. They take several long walks each day, visit the doggie park and are provided special treats as rewards. Barbara is a wonderful pack leader and it shows with the love and respect they have for her. Odie always enjoys his stay with Barbara and Cassie and has become a better dog thanks to them both. Hopefully they will always be his "home" away from home.  Thanks Barbara for all the love, care and support you give to our special loving friends!  
 Marie Harris

  Thank you so much for your kindness and care. It’s clear Macy had a wonderful time.  Dave and I were saying how Macy’s weight, attitude and behaviors are so positive and for sure it’s because she received such great loving care from you and  your housemates!  
Wendy Morton